© Dorothea Tuch

Concept / Choreography: JAN MARTENS

In artistic collaboration with Ty Boomershine, Amancio Gonzalez, Brit Rodemund, Christopher Roman and Jone San Martin

Outside Eye: Renee Copraij

Renée Copraij studied dance and art-history. She worked in the nineties as a dancer with Jan Fabre and later as his assistant and dramaturg for several productions. Copraij taught choreography workshops at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam and is still an advisor for students. She was curator for Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht where she programmed and produced work on the verge of visual arts and theatre. The last years she was curating the guestartists for ICKamsterdam and went back to performing among others in Wellness from Florentina Holzinger&Vincent Riebeek and in Mount Olympus from Jan Fabre.

Lighting Design: Dominique Pollet

Dominique Pollet is a lighting designer, dance dramaturg and stage performer. He has created, collaborated and toured internationally since the 1990's. In his architectural approach he treats his light sources as performers, placing them as a set design. His scenography wants to be vibrantly alive and in communication with the dancer, creating a mutating world for the audience to dwell upon. Dominique Pollet worked with Adam Linder, Varinia Conto Villa, Meg Stuart, Emanuel Gat, Wim Vandekeybus, Larbi Cherkaoui, Iris Bouche, Herve Guerrisi & Gaia Saitta, Ami Garmon, Frank Willens & Maria Scaroni, Tony Vezich, Filip Van Huffel, David Hernandez, Ives Thuwis & Gregory Caers, Tarren Johnson, Geraldo Si and Jan Martens.

Composition and Live-Electronics: Mattef Kuhlmey

Mattef Kuhlmey is a musician, sound designer and music teacher. With his band ALP he creates silent movie soundtracks. His label FORTSCHRITT MUSIK is a platform for companioned bands.  Mattef teaches for fifteen years Polish, Czech and German youth in the project LANTERNA FUTURI. For several years he worked as a theater musician, mainly in the field of dance theater and performance, with a substantial interest in the exploration and balance of technical possibilities and musical traditions.

Costume: Sophia Piepenbrock-Saitz

Sophia-Elise Piepenbrock-Saitz studied costume design at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden from 2011 to 2015, graduating with a diploma in design. Previously she had completed her vocational training in women’s tailoring. A freelance tailor since 2017, she produces costumes for theatre and dance productions as well as taking on commissions from private clients. Her experience of working in theatre costume workshops includes the Semper Opera Dresden, the Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, and the Sydney Opera House.



The times they are a-changing. In times when populists are taking over, with too much(internet-)space for everyone’s opinion, ultrapolarized debates and fake news, it seems there is no place for accuracy, for deep thinking and afterthought, for empathy. In Man Made, Jan Martens creates a choreographic and social system using the craft, knowledge, connections, experience and fragility of five dancers who have been dancing for years and years. Collaborating, listening to each other and making empathetic decisions in the moment will be key to bringing this complex moving system to a good end. Perhaps. A choreography that celebrates the ‘Arbeit’ of dancing and the possibility of tuning in with fellow humans, it shows how by doing and watching art, we try to become better human beings. Hopefully.

And the outcome? We don’t know the outcome - A trompe l’oeil?  A fata morgana?  Utopia? Perhaps. What we do know is that Man Made is a dynamic body of work with a much-needed touch of naïveté. A flash of light in dark times.

Premiere: 11 March 2017, Kampnagel Hamburg

Co-production: Kampnagel Hamburg

DANCE ON is an initiative by DIEHL+RITTER gUG funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union as part of DANCE ON, PASS ON, DREAM ON