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Katema (1978/2018)

Choreography: Lucinda Childs
Re-staging: Ty Boomershine[…]

Lighting Design: Martin Beeretz
Sound: Mattef Kuhlmey
Costume: Sophia Piepenbrock-Saitz
Cast: Ty Boomershine

“I felt that I needed to step outside of the world of objects and materials. I wanted to get back to movement, to simple movement ideas, without depending so much on the manipulation of objects and materials.” (Lucinda Childs).

In establishing the foundations for her mature and original style in the dances from the 1970s, Childs focused on developing choreography that stood on its own terms: movement in time and space devised within mathematically derived structures, with no other elements to distract, embellish, overwhelm, or otherwise demand attention. Hypnotic in the insistence of its repetition along the linear path of a long diagonal, Katema encompasses simple walking patterns, interwoven with turns and half-turns of remarkable precision. 40 years after its premiere in Amsterdam, the piece is now re-staged by Ty Boomershine who has been the Artistic Assistant for Lucinda Childs since 2007 and is a member of the DANCE ON ENSEMBLE.

Premiere 12th March 1978, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Premiere Re-staging  1st March 2018, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin

Produced for the DANCE ON Festival with support from Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Die letzte Station (The last station)

Director: ERSAN MONDTAG[…]
A BERLINER ENSEMBLE production in cooperation with DANCE ON ENSEMBLE

Stage/Video: Stefan Britze
Costumes: Raphaela Rose
Music: Diana Syrse
Lighting: Ulrich Eh
Artistic collaboration: Clara Topic-Matutin
Cast: Constanze Becker, Ty Boomershine, Judith Engel, Peter Luppa, Brit Rodemund, Christopher Roman, Laurence Rupp, Jone San Martin, Frédéric Tavernini

“Die letzte Station” (The last station) is about the final stage of life. It addresses age, memories of life, death. How do we want to grow old? How do we want to die? What remains at the end? What happens next? Is there an afterlife? And most of all: What is the point of it all?

A small community of ageing, dying men and women come together at the last station. They sing, dance, laugh, and die. At the centre of the story is a dying woman. Hannah is dying. With her at her deathbed is Karl. He tells her stories, hoping that she will regain consciousness, while Hannah floats between dreaming and remembering, life and death. Death, the end of every life, is the central theme in Ersan Mondtag’s powerful creation.

Ersan Mondtag’s signature style encompasses performance, opera, drama and visual art. He thinks and senses in images and entire worlds. When he encounters a topic that interests him, he conjures visual concepts with their own unique power, urging towards the stage. They turn into highly artificial, visually stunning productions. Mondtag’s theatre is formal, with bodies that are choreographed and expressive even without the aid of language.

Celebrated as the ‘emerging talent’ of 2016, Ersan Aygün was born to a family of Turkish immigrants in Berlin. He assumed his stage name Mondtag, a literal translation of his Turkish last name, aged just 17. In the 2013/14 season Ersan Mondtag joined the REGIEstudio at the Schauspiel Frankfurt, realising his first major works at the Stadttheater there.

Production: Berliner Ensemble


Premiere: 14th December 2017, Berliner Ensemble, Kleines Haus


Johannes Wieland hails from Berlin, earned his BFA at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and worked in various companies with an extensive array of choreographers before going to perform as a principal at the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. […]

Ready for a radical change, he then relocated to New York City where he received his MFA in contemporary dance and choreography at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2002.
His company johannes wieland, founded in New York that same year, facilitated the foundation for his body of work and since 2006 he holds a permanent position as the artistic director and choreographer at the Staatstheater Kassel. Aside from choreographing and teaching for companies and universities his critically acclaimed pieces have been invited to tour internationally for festivals and events. He is a 1st prize winner of the Kurt Jooss prize, and has been awarded numerous other prizes, recognitions, scholarships and grants. Johannes is a nominee for the German theater prize DER FAUST in 2016 for his creation you will be removed.

In 2017 Johannes Wieland created the piece show to be true for the DANCE ON ENSEMBLE and the Swedish company Age On Stage/Charlotta Öfverholm.

© Fabian Kriese

show to be true

Concept/Choreography: Johannes Wieland

Cast: Charlotta Öfverholm, Christopher Roman, Jone San Martin, Brit Rodemund, Ty Boomershine, Jan-Erik Wikström, Frédéric Tavernini and Rafi Sady

Production: Charlotta Öfverholm / Age on Stage

Co-production: DANCE ON / DIEHL+RITTER, Dans i Nord

Premiere: 22th September 2017, Acusticum, Piteå, Sweden

Further choreographer Johannes Wieland  created a new intergenerational duet especially for the DANCE ON Festival2018: an encounter of two dancers – Evangelos Poulinas and his former teacher at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Gus Solomons Jr., who was born in 1938. They previously collaborated on Wieland’s trio one (2004), a meditation on life and mortality in which Wieland shared the stage with Solomons and Keith Sabado.

mind eraser II

Choreografie: Johannes Wieland

Mit: Gus Solomons Jr., Evangelos Poulinas

Produktion: DANCE ON / DIEHL+RITTER, Dank an das Staatstheater Kassel

Premiere: 28th February 2018, DANCE ON Festival, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin



Concept/Direction: RABIH MROUÈ[…]

In artistic collaboration with the DANCE ON ENSEMBLE

Lighting Design: Patrick Lauckner, Tanja Rühl

Sound: Mattef Kuhlmey

Costume: Sophia Piepenbrock-Saitz

Cast: Ty Boomershine, Jone San Martin


Looking for one’s own dead body or for the dead elephant.

Elephant takes place between crimes and fugitives, between wars and negotiations. The bodies move in a labyrinthine space, leaving traces of nothing and light.

Elephant is Mroué’s second piece with the DANCE ON ENSEMBLE. The duet was created in collaboration with Ty Boomershine and Jone San Martin, building choreography from a collection of 316 pencil sketches of dead bodies that Mroué drew in a daily rhythm over the last 12 months. Composer Mattef Kuhlmey contributed a score written specifically for the piece.


© Jubal Battisti

Premiere: 28 February 2018, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2)


Co-Production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Produced for the DANCE ON Festival with support from Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

DANCE ON is an initiative by DIEHL+RITTER gUG funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union as part of DANCE ON, PASS ON, DREAM ON